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Product Description

Photoelectric Sensors

miniature photoelectric


Cost-Effective, highspeed, subminiature photoelectric
sensor with seven sensing methods:
through-beam, polarized retro-reflective, background
suppression, diffuse-reflective, small-beam reflective,
convergent reflective and transparent.



Heavy-duty photoelectric sensor with detection range
up to 50 metres, relay output and Universal voltage.
Four sensing methods: Through-beam, Polarized
Retro-reflective, Diffused Proximity, Background



M18 tubular photoelectric sensor featuring short
housing length of only 40mm, especially suitable
for applications with reduced space.



M18 tubular photoelectric sensor with wide range
of operating distances up to 19 metres.



Fiber-Optic Sensor with three sensing methods:
Through-beam, Diffuse-reflective and Analogue


Distance Sensors


Ultrasonic Analog sensor with a sensing range of


Colour Sensors


Full Colour Sensor with a sensing range of 60mm and
a spot diameter of 2.5mm-8mm.


Proximity Switches


12mm, 18mm and 30mm inductive sensors with
operating distance up to 14mm. Available in
2,3 or 4 wire connection, 2-m cable, M8 and
M12 conector. SUS316L Pharma grade stainless steel



Magnetic proximity switch with a detection range of
0-4mm and an operating voltage of 100V AC/DC

Smart Vision

  • Flexible setup via PC
  • Ethernet communication
  • Real embedded vision sensor
  • Quick setup via VSC unit

SIL Illuminator


  • Sturdy aluminum IP65 housing with M8 connector
  • Different versions available (Line, Area, Ring, Spot and Backlight)



  • High 25kHz switching frequency
  • Red/green light models


  • Fast switching frequency up to 10 kHz
  • Infrared LED light emission


  • Visible red LED emission versions
  • High resolution LASER versions



  • 3 wires NPN or PNP output
  • Extended operating distance


  • UV luminescent mark detection
  • High-powered UV emission for improved sensitivity


  • High sensitivity and powerful UV LED emission
  • Fast switching frequency and low response time


  • High-Power UV LED emission
  • Microprocessor-based Teach-in setting



  • ‘Teach-in’, ‘Remote’ setting and models with ‘Auto-Set’
  • Red/green or white LED emission


  • Automatic, manual and remote setting


  • High resolution and RGB LED emission with automatic color selection
  • Very fast switching frequency and low response time



  • 3 channel color sensor with C or C+I functions and 10 tolerance levels
  • White light LED emission and RGB photoreceiver


  • High precision and speed
  • Measurement range adjustable to 7m
  • Proximity measurement up to 4m
  • Easy setting via push-buttons


  • Area sensors with crossed beams
  • 100mm height
  • Position and dimension measurement
  • 5mm resolution and 1ms response time
  • Measurement in automatic material handling
  • Versions with 6 or 25 mm resolution
  • Operating distance reaching 1.5 m and up to 600 mm controlled height
  • Digital PNP and 0 – 10 V analogue outputs