Product Description

CPS block

Modular Surge Protective Device (SPD) designed according to standards UL 1449 3rd ed. and IEC 61643-11 for installation in main panels or distribution panels with high exposure ratings.

The CPS block provides comprehensive protection for a wide range of networks and voltages and also reduces maintenance costs due to its modular construction and the IAD® function.


• Type 2, “Permanently connected” SPDs intended for installation on the load side of the service equipment (main panel) over current device; including SPDs located at the branch panel.

• Maximum 8/20 discharge capacity (Imax) from 120 to 200 kA per phase.

• Nominal Rated 8/20 discharge current rating (In) of 20 kA per phase.

• Redundant Multi Discharge System varistor technology with individual disconnection of each MOV.

• Common and differential mode protection.

• EMI / RFI Filter.

• Intelligent aging display (IAD®): end-of-life indication LEDs of the % of remaining protection available for each mode (100%, 66%, 33% or 0%).

• Replaceable protection modules.

• Nema 12.

• Remote indication of end of life.

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